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      Waypoints Equity was founded to help others find the best path to enjoy the now, the time between the waypoints, and to have a solid plan for ourselves and our loved ones.

      We created Waypoints Equity to make it as easy as possible for investors like you to participate in tax-advantaged commercial grade real estate investments.

      We utilize our experience and industry relationships to find the best multifamily deals to provide you with high-quality, completely passive investment opportunities.

      Real estate investing has the power to change lives and build generational wealth.

      Take the first step to create financial independence so that you can live the life you want, on your own terms.

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      Free Ultimate Guide to Investing Passively in Real Estate Syndications

      Learn how to achieve your financial goals through investing passively in real estate syndications.

      What you will discover...

      How to put a financial plan together based on your goals

      Deciding what investment strategy is right for you

      How to invest passively in real estate syndications

      How It Works


      1. Join

      Start by joining the Waypoints Equity Club, a community of investors who are looking to achieve financial independence and live their ideal life.

      2. Connect

      After you join, we’ll discuss your goals so we can help you create the best plan to get there.

      3. Invest

      To help you achieve your financial freedom goals, we’ll help you learn about passively investing in multifamily real estate syndications to build passive income.

      4. Enjoy

      With every deal you invest in, you create an additional stream of passive income that allows you to work less and focus more on your true passion.

      “Josi and her team at Waypoints Equity create significant value for their investors. First, it’s about the deals. Waypoints focus is on the multifamily value-add asset class, which is well known for delivering market leading risk-adjusted returns. Specifically, they invest in growing markets and find properties with the opportunity to create asset appreciation through smart renovations, introducing new income channels and pursuing operational efficiency. But, it’s more than just the deals. Josi is a thought leader and educator in multifamily investing. Her personal story is compelling, and she generously shares her experience and wisdom with others. Josi hosts multiple multi-family mastermind groups to contribute value and education to the broader investor community — she has a particular passion for supporting veterans and women investors, both are groups that are underrepresented in real estate investing circles.”

      – Josh Weed

      “Waypoints Equity provides honest and realistic investing opportunities for veterans. Real Estate investing is a tumultuous endeavor, however working with Waypoints and their partner, Four Branches, is truly enjoyable; the team is energized, pro-active, and communicate openly. Waypoints also provides the most insightful veteran investing mastermind forum I have experienced. If you are looking an investing partner that embodies the trust only found among military veterans, I highly recommend Waypoints Equity.”

      – Eric Boone

      “Josi uses her incredible vision and business acumen skills to run a growing women’s multifamily mastermind group of which I’m honored to partake in. Her supportive and compassionate leadership style drives a diverse group of women to flourish as we talk through challenges, failures, frustrations and successes along our journey. Watching her multifamily business excel has been inspiring and motivating; and I’m honored that she shares her knowledge to help others grow and achieve their goals. ”

      – Rochelle McCoy

      “Josi is amazing! She is tackling impressive feats and is still able to keep a sense of calm and control. She’s a leader in the multifamily space and has brought several active female investors together in a mastermind that has elevated the entire group. Josi is always looking to provide value in everything she does. ”

      – Amanda Cruise

      “Integrity, Diligence, and Professionalism. If I had only three words to describe Josi Heron and Waypoints Equity it is these three. I have done three deals with Waypoints and they have been great experiences from start to finish. Josi and her team are people of integrity, they walk the talk! What they say they do. They go to great efforts in every stage of the endeavor to ensure every detail is captured and the plan is well developed. From identifying the property to developing the concept, preparing the plan, executing the deal, and ensuring effective property management, they are professionals! At every stage, I am confident my investment is sound and my objectives are consistent with the deal. Bottom line: I trust Josi and Waypoints and I will invest again with Waypoints!”

      – Tom Connally

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