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      Scaling and Adding Value with Masterminds

      by Josi Heron, Yonah Weiss | Weiss Advice

      I recently was on the Weiss Advice Podcast and talked about scaling my business and adding value.  I’ve known Yonah for over a year now, and he is a large connector in the community.

      Jonah Weiss has helped hundreds of real estate investors save tens of millions of dollars in income tax through Cost Segregation with Madison SPECS, he has been a guest on over 100 of the top real estate podcasts on the subject. 

      Although we didn’t talk specifics of this amazing tax benefit, it is one of the reasons I was drawn to Real Estate Investing (REI) in the first place, and it is what put me over the edge to jump in to investing fulltime.

      Take a listen, and check out his podcast in general as I greatly enjoyed this conversation